7 proven strategies for attracting & retaining customers for your business that work for nearly any business.

Avoid the common mistake of putting all your lead-generation eggs in one basket.

Having multiple ways to generate leads is a sign of a healthy business.

1. SEO.

Having a good SEO will bring you clients, on autopilot for FREE.

Things like having headlines & phrases on your pages that match what your prospect puts into Google search are GOLD.

We spend weeks with my property investment client rewriting headlines and linking pages.

We took a prospect on a journey.

This means once they read this blog what do we want them to read NEXT?

The Result?

Visitors ended up spending 10 min on a website reading stuff.

When they came as leads they were pretty educated on the process.

They CLOSED themselves.

2. Content Marketing.

Blogs & Videos on your website.

Share blog posts with answers to FAQs including the REAL Life examples.

My Client Garden Centre did videos on how & when to cut Lavenders back.

They ended up becoming a daily GO for gardening tips for their clients.

3. Leverage Social Media.

My client SOLD OUT a workshop on Instagram this week.
No paid Ads.
First, she asked her audience ‘thinking about doing this workshop, what do you think?’
The next day she made up a sales page on Shopify with workshop details & shared it on Instagram.

4. E-mail Marketing.

I helped a yoga teacher to sell an online workshop using her e-mail list.
This resulted in 3k in revenue.
She had a very strong relationship built with her e-mail list.
However she didn’t believe it would be possible.
Sometimes all you need to do is ASK.

5. Referrals.

This is huge & it is FREE.
All you need to do is ASK.
One of my clients is making around 180k per year from a service they provide in a legal space.
50% of that income comes from referrals.
This is has been happening for the last 3-4 years.
A wedding planner has a JV with a Florist.
An estate agent has a JV with a solicitor.

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