How to set up a Social Media Ads strategy that generates qualified leads? Well, it starts with the right content, proper marketing strategy and ‘warming up’ and targeting the right audience.

Leads worth of 30000 euros ONLY with 2 FB Ads? Is it True?

Here is a Case Study THAT generated one of my clients 30 000 euros in leads with 2 Ads of a Total Spent of 80 euros in One Week. The truth is, it did cost more than that as it was the result of what we did 6 weeks prior to that, but my client didn’t understand THAT…  And yes, sometimes you will think, you run one ad on FB and it does generate leads, and other ads don’t bring you anything. Well, the truth is a bit more complex than that. With Facebook you need to turn your Cold Audience into Warm Audience and then into Hot Audience that is ready to buy.

And Another technical tip was to use campaigns that were retargeting and targeting lookalike audiences. But this is NOT a technical post, as I am pretty sure a LOT of you know how to do FB Ads way better than me or how to scale them. Anyway, I will do a post on Different Audiences some other time. I am a marketing strategist, so I want to give you few tips on how to create REAL content, content that your potential customers are interested in reading and watching. As there is no point of running ANY Facebook Ads unless you have a plan and a strategy.

Develop the Right Content

In this particular case, it was an SME selling tiles and plumbing supplies, toilets, shower doors, bath tubs to lower-middle class cliental. I asked the owner when do you make the most money? The owner said when a person comes in to get a complete bathroom renovation, that client is worth on average 5K euros. The next 6 weeks we were developing videos  like ‘how to make your small bathroom look bigger?’ ‘What is the right toilet seat for you? (yes, there are 3 different types of toilet seats that I had no clue about ), what shower doors will suit your space? ‘Choosing a vanity unit’,  ‘Why should you get an LED mirror’,  and etc.

Use Educational Marketing

If you noticed from the headlines we were NOT trying to sell any products, we were simply educating clients bit by bit what they will need when they decide to get a bathroom makeover. In doing that we were positioning our client as the experts in this particular industry. The competition was advertising tiles and etc. On the 6th week we did a video about a bathroom makeover where we mentioned about a plumber going out to give an estimate for a new bathroom (that’s the bridge between an interested prospect and a client). It resulted in 6 inbox messages with addresses with phone numbers of people asking to come out to give them a quote for a bathroom makeover).

Come up with a Proper Marketing Strategy

So when creating a strategy for Social Media if you work with SME, you really need to sit down with the business owner and brainstorm Questions like:

  1. What product/service brings you in the most profits? But create content about average profit services also, don’t just focus on the most expensive item. The most expensive products you sell will probably need few posts/videos or photos to explain the benefits of having your product.
  2. What are 10 most FAQ about that product/service? Then you can create posts, videos, blogs and etc. and choose which social media platforms to operate on.
  3. What are the objections that customers give you? I always like to create posts like that so the owner/sales people do not have to deal with negative comments. Sometimes we would even run an Ad on objections about a service or product.
  4. I try to get to know the business owner so we can add personal twist to social media. One way to stand out as SME business owner is their personal brand. And he is the reason why people come to his store in the beginning. So that has to be shown on social media. And that is another reason why people choose your particular brand compared to your competition.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you got few ideas for your own business. I used examples of a tiles shop in this post, but you really can apply the same strategy to any business. Let me know if you need any more help.

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