Hello, my name is Joana. And I love helping businesses to go to the next level. Whatever that means to you. From Building Your Brand Online to simple in -house Sales Trainings. Doubling leads, sales, conversions and your profits is the easiest thing to do. However, business owners tend to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities out-there. They try many different things once and get disappointed when they don’t get immediate results.  Succeeding online is about consistency. And when you don’t know how to do that, it can be frustrating. I know… But running a business is simple. I am here to help you to connect the Dots. There are 2 things that My Clients Love and Hate about working with me:


I learnt it the hard way. I been in sales and marketing industry for over 15 years. I started a sales rep with one of Ireland’s leading home security brands at the time. I was lucky the company had a Business Development Program that I got involved in. A Few years later, I was running my own Direct Sales Agency. Constantly managing around 20 sales reps. My daily tasks included sales training and motivation, leadership development, and most importantly sales target setting and management. If there is no sales coming in there is no profits…:) That experience set me for life. Meaning, no matter what business I work with we always talk about how to get more leads, how to get more conversions? What do we do if we have too many leads coming in? Usually, that means your customer service department is too busy to handle that, and that might lead you to a 1 Star reviews online. Yes, you have to be ready for that too. That is why it is important to have a good marketing strategy in place.


I love self growth and self-development area. Love reading books on those subjects. Over the last few years I became really curious on the subject of ‘How to Manage Your Own Emotions’. I love Dr. Joe Dispenza’s intake on that. I read few of his books and went two different workshops one in Kiev, Ukraine and one in Moscow, Russia. He definitely has one of the simplest method’s on how to take your life to the next level altogether. Check him out. 

Why I am so curious about Emotions and their management? Well, there are two reasons why a Business doesn’t go to the Next Level. One is a lack of knowledge and a strategy. And another reason is that a business owner does not follow through with these strategies. And most of the time it is due to ‘inner confusion’, doubt, and fear. I always say that Your Business Growth equals Your Personal Growth.

I love hiking. I love everything to do with outdoors. Open Spaces make people feel powerful. You kind of get back to Your true Self.

Another passion of mine is Yoga. Last year I finished my Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza. I practice Yoga a lot. I didn’t do it because I wanted to be a Yoga teacher, I did it because I wanted to know how to do it anytime and anywhere for myself. And interestingly enough my YTT was Yin/Yang Yoga with the focus on 5 Chinese elements. We focused on learning practices for different meridians (Liver, Kidney, Stomach, Heart and Lungs). Chinese medicine believe that there is no big disease just energy imbalances in your body. So you can heal yourself by ‘working’ on different meridians. That what acupuncture does. If you ever went to acupuncturist they will put many needles on different meridian points in your body. Well the yoga sequences I learned work the same meridians.


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