Consistency is the Key in Business

Consistency can help You Grow Your Business A Lot If there is a skill or two You should master in business it’s Consistency and Accountability. Well, I think Consistency leads to Accountability. When I start something new I commit to it for 90 days. Not 7 days and not 21 days.. Back in November I […]

Lead Generation or Building Your Brand?

Should You take a Shortcut and Focus ONLY on Lead Generation? My Advice would be: ‘Do Both!’ In this article I will outline the Difference between the two and give 2 practical Examples how you can do that. There is Sales (lead generation) and then there is a Brand Development. And a lot of people […]

Fear-Based or Soul-Driven Marketing?

Which One to Choose?   They Both Work…   But it’s about how you feel doing it.   What type do you prefer?   Meaning, is it aligned with Your Soul?   Good Marketing speaks to your emotions.   You can drive people to take action out of Fear, Desperation, Guilt or Shame.   And […]

3 Reasons Why You are struggling to sell a High End Offer

Selling High End Offers is what everybody wants to do. But Most entrepreneurs struggle in doing that. Here are the Main reasons on Why it may look difficult. 1. Are you a High End Product Buyer Yourself? If you are charging 300 per hour are you comfortable in spending that amount on professional services yourself? […]

Tired of Googling ‘What to post?’

Content Creation can be an overwhelming process Content Creation can be a very stressful and frustrating process. Especially when you don’t know how to do it, and use Google as Your Inspiration. I was talking to Mary who was trying to figure out marketing by herself for sometime now. She was so frustrated, she even […]

Do High Ticket Offers need a Sales Funnel?

There is this huge misperception that Every Offer needs a Sales Funnel. But not Every High Ticket Offer needs to put prospects through the Sales Funnel. This is where I was confused when I first came onto Twitter. It seemed like everybody was following the same path on a surface level. This might sound familiar […]

Understanding Your Ideal Client

Creating Content THAT attracts Your Ideal Client is essential for every marketer. Marketing is about putting the RIGHT Message in front of the RIGHT Person at the RIGHT Time. And before you create that RIGHT message you should try to understand WHO is this message for. My own mistakes in creating Content as a Newbie […]

The Importance of understanding KPI’s

Every business owner should know the importance of KPI’s in their Business Growth. What do KPIs stand for? Marketers use Key Performance Indicators to analyse the performance of results (money spent) in acquiring a client. You should be looking at KPIs weekly. Some business owners are afraid to talk about KPIs. Does Your Team know […]

7 proven strategies for attracting & retaining customers for your business

Ways to generate leads

7 proven strategies for attracting & retaining customers for your business that work for nearly any business. Avoid the common mistake of putting all your lead-generation eggs in one basket. Having multiple ways to generate leads is a sign of a healthy business. 1. SEO. Having a good SEO will bring you clients, on autopilot […]