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Go from Zero to Hero in understanding What Your Ideal Client WANTS to hear from You, which means You can have HIGHER Conversions.



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Level Up Your Marketing Skills in 3 days
Understand Your Buyer's Journey Online and Make a Strategy with Confidence
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Learn how to put the RIGHT Message in front of The RIGHT Person at The RIGHT Time
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Taught By a Proven Professional

In a rapidly changing marketing ecosystem, you should learn from Somebody who understands the Foundations and helped many Business Owners go to the Next Level Online.

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For an entrepreneur starting out and for someone who does not like too much technicality this course helped me understand different strategies and insights for building an online business. Super useful content and well presented and delivered by Joana. Looking forward to more.


This is a helpful course. The most helpful advice I gained, is that I should change my approach to marketing. Before I start doing marketing, I should have a good mindset, be calm, happy and focused. It is so important to feel positive and energised when making content. A lot of good tips on aspects of marketing that can easily be overlooked if you are starting out and learning about marketing.


I love Joana’s calm energy throughout the course. It feels like we’re just having a chat on FaceTime. Her approach to marketing is down to earth and put into small achievable steps. She doesn’t sell you a quick fix, but a way to build a foundation. I found the content very useful and would recommend this course for anyone starting a business or wanting to take their existing business online.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.

Three days I would say. There are 16 videos. They don’t take that long. The Most important thing is to spend time doing Your Workbook. Some of My Clients spend weeks on it NOT rushing but really applying the INFO. When I initially came up with an Outline for My Course it came from what we do with my clients in the first 3 months working together. And that took a LOT of brainstorming in trying to understand their Ideal Client. 

I have been working with Small Business Owners for the last 6 years as their Business and Marketing Coach. After a few years I noticed a pattern that I go through with My Clients in the First 3 months we work together. So I decided to put the Fundamentals together for the Course.

You will learn how to identify Your Ideal Client, understand what Buying Stages they go through on their Buyer’s Journey. Knowing that will help You create the RIGHT Content to attract Your Prospects. These pillars of marketing can easily boost your ROI.

Well, it depends! Are You getting the Results You want? If No, then You should go back to the Basics!

At this time the course is available only in the English language, with a focus on US and EU marketing ecosystems.

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