5 Day Sales Training E-mail Course to help you close more prospects on your Sales Calls

Are you struggling in closing prospects on your zoom calls? Are you getting leads but they are not converting into sales? Tired of hearing ‘it’s too expensive?’, ‘I need to shop around’, & ‘I need to think about it?’ I know how you feel I have been there before. So I know this might leave you feeling frustrated. And you might be loosing confidence in selling altogether.

But maybe you just need a little help. If you read my blog post about The 5-Step Sales Pitch that generated millions in revenue for my Sales & Marketing Agency   you have a structure for your sales pitch, but let’s dive in a little bit deeper with my 5 Sales training e-mail course. This e-mail course will help you overcome the struggles of closing prospects and help you to achieve your sales goals. Over the next 5 days, you’ll receive tips to help you improve your sales performance:

  • Building rapport and relationships with your prospects
  • Qualifying your prospects in the first 5-10 minutes of the call
  • Painting a picture of the results your prospects can expect from working with you
  • Closing the sale with confidence
  • Handling objections and overcoming objections
  • Rehashing your agreement with your prospects to reduce cancelation rates

So say goodbye to the frustration and disappointment that comes with ineffective zoom calls. With this e-mail course, you’ll learn how to connect with your prospects, sell with confidence, and close more deals.

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