There is this huge misperception that Every Offer needs a Sales Funnel.

But not Every High Ticket Offer needs to put prospects through the Sales Funnel.

This is where I was confused when I first came onto Twitter.

It seemed like everybody was following the same path on a surface level.

This might sound familiar to you if you always believed that:

In a nutshell, this is a model that many entrepreneurs online follow.

If this was the only truth then solicitors, doctors, coaches & other professionals would be out of business.

But having a business strategy is MORE important than growing a following. 

One of my clients keeps getting 2k clients with Facebook engagement ads.

Another client got 2×3600 $ clients through networking.

They didn’t need a funnel or to have a big audience.

When it comes to selling High-End Services it’s about 3 things:

1. It’s about Your Positioning.

When thinking about Your Brand Positioning spend some time answering questions like:

2. Understanding Your Ideal Client.

Once you are clear on your Positioning it’s important to put Your Offer in front the Right Person.

Check out my previous Blog that has Your Ideal Client Checklist here Understanding Your Ideal Client .

Your Ideal client needs to feel understood and heard.

As quoted in the previous Blog post over 70% of customers expect personalisation from Brands.

So you can’t just go to your competitors website and rewrite their services.

If you do that you will end up competing on price.

And that is a very exhausting and long game.

I don’t recommend that.

Do Your Own Ideal Client Research and create content that speaks directly to Your Client’s heart.

In that way you will never have to worry about your competition.

3. Understanding Your Numbers.

When I start working with clients many of them sell few services.

For some reason most of business owners focus on spending a lot of time on the smallest $ items.

Meaning, they keep creating Marketing offers for the smallest products/services.

And completely forget the High-End Offers.

But 80% of your Profits come from 20% of your services.

Shift Your Focus on Marketing to that 20% of services and you will attract more High-End Clients.

Plus Marketing will become so much easier. You won’t need to sell thousands of small ticket items.

Running Your Business will be easier as there will be less transactions to process with More High-End Packages.

To sum this article up:

  1.  You don’t need to build an audience first or have thousands of followers to make great money.
  2.  Focus on Positioning.
  3.  Understand Your Ideal Client.
  4.  Focus on where your 80% of Profits come from.

And if Your Goal is to grow an Audience it will happen naturally.

Because you will be focused on doing those steps above your Audience will grow automatically.

Thank you for reading.

Hope you got some insights.

Let me know if there is anyway I can help you.

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