Content Creation can be an overwhelming process

Content Creation can be a very stressful and frustrating process. Especially when you don’t know how to do it, and use Google as Your Inspiration.
I was talking to Mary who was trying to figure out marketing by herself for sometime now. She was so frustrated, she even wanted to quit the online game altogether. Mary said there is so many people online giving away FREE stuff, and she just can’t compete with that. To get a better idea how is she creating content I asked her to explain me how she does it.

Why searching on Google what to post isn’t a GOOD Idea?

You see to get ideas for content creation she would go on Google and research what to post? And as you can imagine there are many articles with ’17 ways…’ or ‘103 ideas for social media posts’ & etc. In a nutshell it might sound like a great solution. But by doing that you are creating content for everybody.
Getting your inspiration from Google doesn’t give you a Content Strategy. It might teach you how to write a viral tweet, maybe… But do you want to come back to Google every week and spend hours looking for what to post? No you don’t. This is what people do who don’t understand marketing. There is an easier way to create content.

Marketing is about putting ‘the Right Message’ in front of ‘the Right person’ at ‘the Right time’

So let’s start at the beginning. What’s ‘the Right Message’? Well, to know what content to create you need to start with ‘the Right person’. Who is Your Ideal Client? Check out my post on Understanding Your Ideal Client. Once you are Clear on Your Ideal Client. You can start Creating Content. There are many ways on how to create content to Your Ideal Client. But the easiest way to come up with the topics is to list 10-20 Questions your prospect has been asking you about.
Take the last 5-10 Clients and list all the questions they asked you before becoming your client. You will have a long list of questions. You will also have a list of questions that are repeating. Repeating questions are GOLD. That means the question is very relevant to your prospect. Creating Relevant content is what gets you Clients.

Relevant Content helps your SEO and Paid Ads

Another reason why repeating Questions are GOLD it will help with Your SEO if you are doing blogging. That means that there are probably many people looking for those answers.
It can also help you a LOT with Your Paid Advertising. Imagine your prospect is scrolling Social Media & your job is to get their attention. To get their Attention you need to interrupt their pattern of scrolling. That’s exactly why Funny Billboards is a huge thing. They are fighting for your attention. But what if you can’t be funny with your Ads? Another way to get your prospect’s attention is to put a relevant Content in front of them! Here are few examples I found scrolling on Instagram and Facebook.
You see it’s NOT about just creating Content. It’s about Creating Relevant Content for your Ideal Client. All of those posts from social media are made from questions that people have. Entrepreneurs who created Content for these posts KNOW what their Ideal Client is interested in.
When you have a Strategy you won’t be feeling stressed and overwhelmed. That was another takeaway that Mary got from our session. She said ‘I really understood that I need to be strategic in creating Content. As if my prospect sees another ‘viral’ type of post written to WHOEVER they aren’t going to engage’.
Spend some time in making a plan for Your Content Creation. Analyse Your Client. And before you know it creating Content will become easy. If you need help with this process check out my course Build Your Brand Online.

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