Customer Success or Customer Fail Story?

My client went from 5.0 Star to 2.5 Star Reviews on Facebook OverNight…

And All THAT happened within the First 7 Days of us working together.

There is a Happy Ending Though…😉

Sometime ago we got a New Client.

It was a Garden Centre who wanted more Brand Exposure.

They were NOT interested in doing any blogging, or updating their website and etc.

The Garden Centre had a FB page with 3000 followers.

That was huge as their town had a population of 9000.

After chatting with the owner I noticed he is like WikiPedia about flowers.

He was also very charismatic and passionate.

I suggested Video Marketing.

John, the owner, got excited about it.

We decided to do educational videos like:

  • when to cut back lavender
  • how to cut Roses
  • how to plant a border
  • shade and sunny plants & etc

The Idea was to start with FB and move to Youtube.

The very first video on FB was

-How to get rid of slugs on your plants?

As that was what every second customer of John was asking.

In the video he was going through how many tablets you need to leave on your leaves & etc.

We posted the video on FB and ran our first Ad.

The initial response was great.

His customers were THANKING him & etc.

Until Next morning…

There were 100 1-2 Star Reviews left on their FB Page

And another 100 of negative comments.

It turns out that Dublin Hedgehog association seen the Video too.

Now these guys had 10K followers on FB.

They shared the video on their FB Page & encouraged their followers ‘to take down’ my client’s FB page.

It was a nightmare…

Their FB Reviews went from 5 to 2.5 Stars.

The existing clients wouldn’t care, as they been coming for years.

They LOVED the Garden Centre.

The New Client’s would be a different Story.

Perception is everything in Marketing.

Quiet the opposite to Brand Exposure John was looking for.

Luckily, when we contacted FB they removed all the 1-2 Star Reviews within 24 hours.

Facebook could see it was a malicious act from that organisation.

To give you a bit of context on Pallets.

It’s harmful to wildlife when people are using a handful of them.

John was telling people to use 2-3 pieces.

He was actually EDUCATING them on how to use the product Correctly.

The Happy ending of the Story is that we continued to work with John for the next 9 months.

During which we educated him how to do those educational videos.

We set up a Youtube channel for John.

His Youtube Chanel (John Lord’s Secret Garden) Today has 40.6K subscribers.

He keeps making videos and educating people up till now.

John loves it.

His videos have thousands of views.

His subscribers love him too.

There are 3 lessons in this Story:

  1. Perception is Everything.
  2. Your Loyal Followers Will Do Anything for You.
  3. Don’t give up when you hit a small bump on a road.

Thank You For Reading. Keep Creating…😊

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