The Strategy that sticks and doesn’t CONSTANTLY come from other Creators ideas.


First Let Me Explain WHY you should design Your Own Strategy.

Don’t get Me wrong.

Studying Your Ideal Client on Twitter is BRILLIANT.

Copying your competitors is BAD…

It will get you into this very Anxious State.

Where you are looking for inspiration from other people ALL THE TIME.

But is this Your Goal?

To spend hours on Twitter looking for ideas to post?

I hope NOT.

Another thing that happens when you COPY others, you start competing on Price.

Because people think you are the same as others as you post similar stuff.

And You don’t want That either…

Think about how will you manage your time when you are selling few digital products?

You will be too busy developing and scaling.

You won’t have Time to research what others are doing…

So it’s better to get into a habit NOW in creating Your Own Content.

Ok, let’s go into Creating A Strategy Now:

  1. Think about Your Ideal Client.
  • What Problem CAN You Solve for Them?
  • List 10-20 Questions Your Ideal Client has about that Particular Problem…
  • Organise those questions into a chronological order.
  1. Now When We have the WHAT let’s go to ‘How to?’
  • Can you create Tips on a subject?
  • Can you do educational posts ‘how to?’, ‘analytical’, ‘why?’
  • Can you share testimonials?
  • Can you create case studies on how you helped to solve this problem?
  1. Get into a Habit of Scheduling posts in Advance.

Do the posts in a Chronological Order.

That way you are taking Your Client on a Journey.

You can even say ‘Tomorrow I will share that…’

It gets them hooked on to you.

  1. After a week sit down and read the comments AGAIN.

Comments are your NEW post ideas for upcoming week.

Focus a lot on ‘the repeating Questions’.

That means MANY other people will have similar worries.

  1. ‘Show who you are’ posts.

In what ways can you relate to your reader?

What are other general issues you and your reader have in common?

For example, personal development, books, fitness, diet?

Do a Mix of Problem Questions and Personal (showing who you are) posts.

It will make you STAND OUT from the crowd.

Especially if You add ‘the Personal Blend’.

Nobody else is like You.

You will find attracting very interesting people that will end up following You for being You.

This is a simple Content Strategy 101 stuff.

What works for you? I am curious what do you do to create your Social Media Strategy.

If you need help with designing your strategy send me a DM.

Thank you for reading.

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