Your Net Worth Equals Your Self Worth! This is a lesson that everybody learns at some stage in their own life.  Have you ever heard a saying ‘less you do for your clients more you get paid?’ If you truly know your self worth, you will understand what I am saying. And I am not talking about you being lazy, or trying to spam your clients and etc. If you do the latter sooner or later you will get caught, especially with all the online presence and reviews out there.

After many networking events I realised that only people who make less then me keep criticising me, and people who are in at least Seven Digit turnovers a year ask me ‘so how can you help my business to go to the next level?’

Your Self Worth is knowing what you are worth, and not being afraid to ask for it! And, yes you will always have people telling you that you are too expensive, and etc. But perhaps you are trying to sell to the wrong prospects! So everything kind of comes back to your understanding of marketing and understanding of who your clients are.

If you are selling a high end product, people who look for special offers are not going to be your clients! High End Clients shop Value NOT Price! I do remember talking to my butcher client months ago ‘you don’t need to market to people who shop at LIDLLE they will never buy your meat. And if you do that, you will get discouraged very quickly.’ Trying to market yourself to everybody is very exhausting and extremely hard. Know your audience.

In my own experience, when I was brand you to this trade, I made that mistake working with the wrong people. Once I remember working with the tiles shop. And because I was very new and ‘fragile’ to criticism, I gave extra hours free, and an extra service in online marketing that my client was not paying for. In the end I ended up being ‘taking advantage of’, feeling unappreciated and didn’t get a contingency % of an increased revenue share that we agreed on. When you start giving extra stuff for free to people who don’t see your worth, you will end up burning yourself emotionally. And that is way more dangerous then being burnt financially. You will loose confidence in yourself and your business. I felt very let down after my dealings with this particular client.

And around the same time something beautiful happened to me. I met a new prospect who was selling crystal lights. This guy, lets call him James, wanted to get online marketing training. So, we met and discussed a plan what he will need, but some how that hour meeting became 2 hours meeting or even more. I kind of ended up doing ‘trouble shooting’ for his business. Basically high-lithing things he needs to fix technically (from IT side) before we can go into online marketing training. For example, my prospect was spending around 200 euros a month on Google Ads, but was not receiving any calls. When I checked his Google Ads account, Google Analytics Stats and ran a check on his website performance I discovered that his website takes 2 min to load. Now, how long do you wait once you click on  Google Ad before you go to the next Ad? I bet no more that 10-15 seconds. And this website was taking 2 min to load. Of course who ever was managing his Google Ads was not doing a great job. Anyway, that was just one issue I have discovered why things are not working smoothly. We agreed on terms, and he needed to discuss his payment plan with an accountant. Next day I received a call that my prospect decided not to go ahead working with me, as he needed to fix technical issues and etc. Which was fair enough. But about 30 min after the call I received an email from him asking for my bank details as he wanted to put 200 euros in to my account for my insights a day before. That was super nice, especially when I never asked him for that or told him how much I charge per hour. I felt really grateful, and 200 euros was in my account within 2 hours. That is just a beautiful example of a stranger, who was seeing my actual worth and treating me properly. I am sure you have stories like that too.

Yes, there are people who will try to take an advantage of you, but there are people who will appreciate you for adding value to them. It is up to you who you want to work with? And no you don’t need to work with everybody, work with people who excite you and appreciate you and your services!

It is the same thing with friends. Have you ever noticed how much did your life improved once you cut certain individuals out of it? Sometimes we need to stop hanging out with negative friends who only see flaws in us from their own level of consciousness. It is all about setting boundaries. Because if you don’t set boundaries and don’t show people how to treat you, what is ok and what is not ok, pretty soon you can start believing in those stories of what your friends or people are telling and projecting on to you.

So the key in bringing your wealth to the Next Level is to surround yourself with the right people. People that believe in you, people that cheer you up, people that give you new ideas. There are so many people that are afraid to live their dream lives just because of what other people will think of them. But you are a captain of your own ship! Please don’t settle with stopping in Spain if you really want to sail to Caribbean to do the island hopping with your own boat.

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