Should You take a Shortcut and Focus ONLY on Lead Generation?

My Advice would be: ‘Do Both!’

In this article I will outline the Difference between the two and give 2 practical Examples how you can do that.

There is Sales (lead generation) and then there is a Brand Development.

And a lot of people think that lead generation is Marketing.

It does get results, but it does not leave a digital footprint.

Meaning, you get leads this month, but what happens next month?

How many of them have you converted into Sales?

The danger of just getting leads through a funnel is you can’t control their QUALITY.

And this is important if you are selling a HIGH TICKET Item.

What if your clients want to go out and check you out?

And there is no other Info?

Only Your Special Offers?

Plus, remember there is a fact that a prospect needs to see your message 9-12 times before they buy.

That means you have to have a savage e-mail marketing campaign, and what if your prospects don’t open/read your e-mails?

Is E-mail Marketing enough?

Google My Business

Developing your Brand online is a long shot.

You constantly have to educate, and then have conversations with your prospects online.

And slowly with time you become an authority.

And do you know what happens then?

People start finding you organically, out of nowhere.

And you won’t be able to measure where did these people came from.

That’s a great problem to have 😊

Have you properly set up google my business?

If you are a local business it is a super important channel for your business?

It is all ORGANIC.

It also tells you how people found you, what exactly your potential clients are searching for.

If you are a local business it is a MUST.

Let’s say you are running a medical centre, and you have listed 10 different services.

And 80 % of all your traffic on google my business come from only 3 services listed, that means you only need to focus on those 3 areas to develop strategies to get people in to your medical centre.

Meaning, make those 3 service areas great and you will have organic people coming over before you know it.

Google My Business posts also let you to educate your clients what you are about?

It’s like a mini landing page.

Meaning, some people just don’t go on Facebook or other social media channels to learn about you.

Content Development

And then content development on your website, and social media channels.

I noticed that business owners don’t like doing content, they try to hire a blogger, or dedicate it to social media management companies.

Well, it’s a quick way to burn money.

Usually many of my clients who did it before complain about that.

The Marketing Agency didn’t understand what they are doing.

Unless you are going to spend time in educating them.

So don’t complain that online marketing does not work for you if you have never gave 100%.

But ONLY you know what exactly your business is about.

How can you delegate that to somebody else, and more importantly somebody outside from your business?

Everybody is online nowadays, so for you to stand out from the crowd you need to be authentic, show exactly who you are.

People love REAL, they smell FAKE and BS a mile away.

And the only way you will survive is by showing who you really are deep down.

If you have been running your business for 10 years, people did business with you because they liked who you truly are.

That is why they chose you over your competitor.

So Today, if you want to have your business online, and communicate to your clients  just do the exact same thing what you did offline for the last 10 years 1 on 1.

Have human conversations online.

If you need more help on what to post check out this blog article Tired of Googling ‘What to post?’

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