One on One Online Business Coaching

Want to take Your Business to the Next Level but don’t know how?

That might leave You feeling stuck, like You can’t move forward. Which means You Can’t make Money You want.

Are You struggling to figure out ‘the Online Stuff’?

This can be so frustrating. You are NOT alone, I have been there myself. Online World is always evolving sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

Maybe You know exactly What You want but need some Guidance?

Not knowing the exact steps to take to achieve Your Goals can leave You feeling annoyed as You can’t progress further.

Let me Guide You

During our 1 on 1 coaching I would show you on how to become in control of Your Business Development & Marketing side.

You will gain CLARITY on how to take Your Business to the Next Level.

You will develop a Marketing Strategy that is Authentic to You that You can follow for years. Trends come and go.

But what successful businesses have in common is a strategy that they don’t change every month. Which means You never have to check on what is Your competition Again.

Get the Basics RIGHT

By working with me You will gain a deeper understanding on WHO your Ideal Client is and how they are looking for Your Services Online.

You will learn how to position Yourself so they will find you, how to communicate with them, and how to Convert them into a Client.

There is a Big Myth out-there that:

‘Online Marketing is hard and expensive’

I don’t believe that. It might be expensive when You don’t know what you are doing.

When You are trying to learn from FREE Youtube videos only.

But what You actually need is a proven Roadmap designed just for Your Business.

Running a business is EASY. But many entrepreneurs overcomplicate things by skipping the Basics.

Here is a Case Study of how one of my clients generated 25K in leads by simply analysing Their Ideal Client.

A Case Study: Tiles Shop. How to generate Leads on Social Media?

Video Testimonials from My Clients 👇

By Working Together We Would:

  • Do Your Online Presence Check (can your prospects find you online?)
  • ‘Revise’ Your Website (does your website really represent what you do and does it give You what You want?)
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy (that consist of many small marketing tactics)
  • Create a Content Strategy
  • Identify Your Ideal Client and Their ‘Buyers Journey’
  • Do Social Media Ads training
  • Brainstorm on how to get more leads from various different avenues
  • See how You can Automate Leads and Sales Conversion Processes
  • Take a look on how to run Your Business on Autopilot, so you are not stressing every week ‘how do I get more clients?’

Who is Online Business Coaching for?

  • For a business owner who is ready to step out of his/her comfort zone
  • For a business owner who loves implementing what they learned
  • For a business owner who has a positive growth mindset

Who is Online Business Coaching NOT suitable for?

  • For a business owner who doesn’t like doing ‘homework’
  • For a business owner who blames others for their failures
  • For a business owner who is not ready to face his/her limited beliefs.

If you don’t know what steps to take NEXT, and need more clarity send me a Message.

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