What is a Sales Funnel? Why is everybody talking about Creating Funnels. In this Blog Post We will take a look at what Sales Funnel a dentist is using to get a repetitive customer? But First, let’s just take a look at this simple explanation of what is a sales funnel.

A Sales Funnel

Awareness is about letting people know about your products and services that you provide.

Interest is telling the benefits, and how a customer’s life will change if they get your product. What problems will you solve for your clients?

Desire is a Decision stage where you should pre-empt objections. At this stage a customer usually asks a question: ‘Why shouldn’t I buy?’ So people search for negative stories and experiences. That is why articles ‘is this a scam?’ or ‘why you shouldn’t get this product?’ are the most readable articles on the internet. So if you can pre-empt the negative questions or in your particular case concerns and worries and put a client’s mind at ease you will get them as a patient. (in sales its called ‘closing them’)

Action and Purchase stages would be becoming a lead, coming over for an appointment and becoming a patient. It really depends on what funnel you use and which prospects are you targeting.

A Sales Funnel to get a repetitive Dental Hygiene Client

Chat Bots work really well for Anne (that Irish dentist that was on Anissa Holmes’ podcast). Below is an example of post meeting funnel to get a repetitive customer for a dental hygiene. She sends 5 strategic reminders after Dental Hygiene appointment :

That is Anne’s funnel for a Dental hygiene via Chatbot. It is pretty simple. But you see it still consists of at least 5 points of contact and with different content.  I am not sure how much is she charging her patients but I am sure it is under 100 euros or so for this simple procedure. So to do a funnel for braces or dental implants that cost 1500 -3000 euros will take a lot of points of contact with a lot of different and more complex content.

Types of Funnels you could do for a High End Patient, like somebody who needs Braces

Now every dentist has a different conversion rate from an initial appointment to a patient. What do you do to get a person who came in for a filling to convert them into a braces client? You could create a funnel for THAT patient and retarget them via chat bots to become a braces patient. So for example, I see at least 3 types of Funnels that could be created already just with the Braces:

  1. A regular patient who comes in for any dental appointment but they might need braces but was not thinking about getting them.
  2. A patient who comes specifically to enquire about braces.
  3. A patient who never knew that you do braces. Cold prospect that seen your Ad on Facebook.

These are 3 different types of patients that will need 3 different types of content and sales funnels.

I hope that by this stage you do understand that one of the most important things in selling high end products is strategic content development (posts, blog posts, videos, letters); building the RIGHT Funnels and then content distribution on relevant social media platforms.

Online marketing Is ALL about knowing how to connect the dots.  That was just a simple example of a basic funnel to get a patient to come back for another appointment. And I hope I gave you an idea on few things you can do to acquire that High End Client of Braces of Dental Implants. Remember the old saying:

80% of Your Profits come from 20% of your clients…

Taking your business to the Next Level is Not about working more hours, its is about working smarter and more strategic. Now, go and build some Sales Funnels for your High End Clients. Let me know if you need any help with that.