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Marketing/Branding is about showing the RIGHT Message to the RIGHT Person at the RIGHT Time. Sounds simple? Right…:) But there is many things you need to organise first. What is the RIGHT Message, how do you know that it is the RIGHT Message? What is the RIGHT Person, how do you define them? Where do you find them? And How do you put the RIGHT Message in front of THEM? What is the RIGHT Time? 

In this course you will learn how to answer ALL those questions.You will learn how to say what Your Prospect needs to hear at the RIGHT Time.

Let me guide you on:

  • How to create an effective online presence?
  • How to understand ‘The Buyer’s’ Online Journey
  • How to get more leads?
  • How to get more conversions and sales?
  • What is the BEST Social Media Platform to use for Your business?
  • What is an effective advertising?
  • What and how to post on Social Media to get results?
  • How to automate your marketing?
  • How to build a Sales Funnel?
  • How to train Your Staff in Sales?
  • How ‘to fix the wholes’ in Your Sales Process?
Discover if WE are ‘the Right Fit’ to work together
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  • Do You want to Build Your Brand Online, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do You want to do that at Your Own Pace at Your Own Time?
  • Do You want to learn how ‘to craft’ the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME?
  • Do you want to learn how to create the RIGHT Content that ADDS Value to Your Prospect?

Let me help you out. In this course you will learn:

  • How to set Goals and why SHOULD you start posting and creating Content ONLY once You are CRYSTAL CLEAR on what exactly do you want to achieve? And why it is important to have a Vision?
  • What is a Sales Process Online? Sales is an energy exchange between 2 individuals. So The RIGHT Message seen by the RIGHT Person at the RIGHT Time
  • To Identify Your Ideal Client. (What is Demographics and why Psychographics matter more?)
  • You will Understand ‘Your Buyers Journey’. You reach people at different stages online: when they JUST found out about your product, when they are researching THE BENEFITS, when your prospects are looking for reasons why NOT to get Your Product, and when they are choosing who to get the Product from? Different Timing requires different Content!
  • How to Develop Content?
  • Content Distribution
  • And How to manage Your Emotions like Doubt and Fear. At some stage you will feel ‘I am NOT ready to sell/go to the NEXT Level’, so you will feel I need an extra course, software and etc.
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During our 1 on 1 coaching I will guide you how to become in control of Your Business Marketing side. You will gain a deep understanding on WHO your ideal Client is and how they are looking for Your Services Online.  You will learn how to position Yourself so they will find you, how to communicate with them, and how to Convert them into a Client. Once you understand the Basics we can move on into the Automation of Your Marketing Process, so you never have to stress again ‘how do i get more clients?’ You will learn to work ‘on your business’ rather than working ‘in your business’. It is kind of a helicopter view approach. Remember, if you ever want to sell your business, the very first thing a potential buyer is looking at is ‘can your business operate without you being in it?’

By working together we would take a look at some things like:

  • Online Presence Check (can your prospects find you online?)
  • ‘Revising’ the Website (does your website really represent what you do and does it give You what you want?)
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy (that consist of many small marketing tactics)
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client and Their ‘Buyers Journey’
  • Learning how to get more leads from various avenues
  • How to Automate Leads and Sales Conversion Processes
  • Learn how to run Your Business on Autopilot, so you are not stressing every week ‘how do I get more clients?’