Closing Sales is something that all of us struggle at some stage of our lives. But it doesn’t need to be hard. You can learn sales you might just need a bit of training. If you are getting on many zoom calls and your prospects are not converting into clients this post is for you. There might be few reasons why your leads are not converting into clients. But the 2 most obvious are:

A) There is a missing link between your Marketing message and Sales Pitch. In other words what your Sales Page says and what you say 1 on 1 doesn’t match.

B) You need more Sales Training in Closing your Prospects.

In this post I will focus on the second reason. I will outline the Sales Pitch I used to train hundreds of sales people in my Direct Sales & Marketing Agency. I spend over 1750 hours doing that. Usually Sales People lack confidence when they are new. So the Outline or a Structure for their Pitch helps them develop that Confidence.

Step 1. Introduction.

Start with an icebreaker & introduce yourself.

An icebreaker makes it less official.

In Ireland we talk about the weather everywhere & all the time.. 

But you can pick anything really to relate to your prospect.

Step 2. Presentation.

Tell your prospect what this call is about.

What is the purpose & etc.

Your goal is to qualify your prospect in this step.

Are they the main decision maker?

If NOT ask to reschedule a call as they won’t be able to sell to their partner the way you do.

Step 3. Short Story.

The first 2 steps should take few minutes.

The 3rd Step is the longest one & it’s the step that gets you a sale.

This Step is a step to build a DESIRE to buy.

You can do a presentation, assesment, Q&A, the benefits it depends on your niche.

It’s important to ask your prospect questions at this stage.

Find out what their goals, desires & problems are before you start talking about benefits.

And then go into how you can help them.

If you do this step right a customer will close themselves.

If they don’t go to the NEXT Step.

Step 4. Close.

Talk about the money.

Everybody dreads this step in the beginning.

But more you do it, easier it becomes.

If you do have two payment options start with the higher one.

You can always go down in price.

Your 2 closing questions are:

‘How do you want to pay?’


‘When do we start?’

If you don’t feel confident saying that practice it in front of a mirror.

Practice & Repetition will build Your Confidence.

With time & experience, you will get to a place where your clients close themselves.

Meaning, they will ask you themselves the 2 closing questions.

That means you impulsed them a LOT with Your Short Story.

Well done.

Step 5. Rehash.

In this step, you go over what a prospect is getting.

The timeline.

The money they will spend.

Don’t skip this step if you want to have a 0% cancellation rate.

It’s about setting Expectations for what happens NEXT.

That’s it. It is simple but effective this Sales Process Structure helped hundreds of sales people become successful in their Sales carriers. If you liked this post You might like My FREE 5 Day E-mail Course on how to become better in Sales. You can sign up for this course in the form below.

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