Creating Content THAT attracts Your Ideal Client is essential for every marketer.

Marketing is about putting the RIGHT Message in front of the RIGHT Person at the RIGHT Time.

And before you create that RIGHT message you should try to understand WHO is this message for.

My own mistakes in creating Content as a Newbie

When I was new to business coaching I didn’t understand WHO was my message for.

My Content was VERY complex.

It wasn’t something that My Ideal Client would think about.

Or more importantly put into Google Search.

In a way I think it was more for my competition…😊

But that’s what everybody does who doesn’t understand how long term strategy works.

When Thinking about Your Ideal Client it’s important to put Yourself into Your Client’s Shoes.

Usually more simple the message is

More Clear it is…

More it will resonate with Your Ideal Client.

Surveys show that Your Ideal Client loves Content created just for them

Based on McKinsey Report called ‘The value of getting personalisation right—or wrong—is multiplying’

And those businesses who do that have more of repurchases and recommendations.

’71 % of consumers expected Personalisation from Brands and 76% of consumers get frustrated when they don’t find it.’

Business that personalise their Marketing grow 40% faster

So here is the Checklist where to start when you want ‘to define’ your Ideal Client.

Your Ideal Client Checklist:

DISCLAIMER* This Checklist works like MAGIC for Your Own Confidence BOOST. Once you TRULY do your homework, you will realise how SPECIAL and IRREPLACEABLE You are for Your Clients… 😊

1. Make an Avatar of the Best Client you EVER worked with:

2. Make an Avatar of the Worst Client you have EVER worked with.

This is important to know so you DON’T attract another one like them.

3. What Problem does Your IDEAL Client have that you CAN help with?

4. What happens if they don’t solve THAT problem?

5. Describe what Life is like for them BEFORE The Problem is being solved and AFTERWARDS?

You probably seen this in a STORY format on many Sales Pages:

6. What happens if Your Client does NOT solve THAT Problem?

7. What are the MISTAKES Your Ideal Client is doing by trying to SOLVE that Problem by Themselves?

What did They TRY to do THAT didn’t Work?


8. What would you TELL your Client to do RIGHT NOW to fix their problem?

Focus on the WHAT not the step-by-step HOW.

THIS List Focuses more on Psychographics rather than Demographics.

Demographics (age, gender, profession & etc) is great for Basic Algorithm & of course if you are doing Paid Ads.

But to for you to truly connect with your Ideal Client you should focus on studying Psychographics.

To write That PERFECT Message that speaks to Your Ideal Client’s HEART you do need to understand ‘What is going on in Your Client’s HEAD.’

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Thank you for reading.

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