Last year I embarked on a 90 Day Challenge of doing FB Lives. No matter what, I promised myself I will go LIVE every day for 90 days ‘to discover my voice’. You will hear that phrase ‘to discover your voice’ a lot when you start putting yourself online. What does it even mean? Well, I can’t answer that for you, but I can promise you that you will know the answer after finishing Your Own FB LIVES challenge…;)
Those videos were made in conjunction with me creating my online program ‘How to Build Your Brand Online?’ I didn’t edit them, there is no need. We think that we need to be perfect when we try to put our Brands online, but the Reality is different. People like REAL and RAW. And the most important thing is to do it Consistently…:) Click on the Topic below that resonates with you to watch a video. 

Why Consistency matters when building Your Brand Online? What can AA meetings teach us about being Consistent?

The Power of Consistent and Personal Follow Up… A REAL Life example on how I bought another sweater just because of the follow up emails. The Brands that you remember months later are the Brands that made you feel special…

How to get FREE Clients in Private FB Groups? How to position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche? REAL Life examples of Adding Valuable Content… Don’t be THAT annoying person just constantly trying to push YOUR OFFERS… Let people come to you instead..;)

Focus on Adding Value, and Clearly Communicating the Message instead of trying to get hundreds of thousands of Followers.  Because in the end what are you going to do with ALL those followers if you haven’t produced any Valuable Content yet?

How to get into the ‘FLOW’ state? Choose Curiosity over Fear. Starting to ask the RIGHT Questions: ‘how can it work?’ Instead of thinking it won’t work…

What is Intrinsic Motivation? Sharing My insights from Mindvalley Course ‘The Habit of Ferocity’ by Steven Kotler . Discover how to turn Curiosity into Passion and it Your Purpose.

Follow Your Heart. When Your Values (Your blueprint) does not match the actions you are taking, sooner or later you will hit the Wall. Listen to Your Gut. The ONLY constant in Life is Change.

Personal Growth=Business Growth. Business Owners fail a lot because of their OWN fear to Change Personally… and the Power of 5-7 Day Challenges when selling an online course.