COULD we steal some ideas from Nike’s E-mail Marketing?

Nike Digital represents 24% of TOTAL brand revenue now.

Which increased by 6% to $46.7 billion in a fiscal year 2022 despite the supply constraints.

Nike really leverages the fact that:

‘selling to an existing customer is 60% easier than selling to a new one.’

1. Nike Collects DATA from their customers via e-mails.

They ask for your birthday date after your purchase.

When your Birthday comes you receive a Happy Birthday e-mail with a discount 😊

2. PROMOTIONAL e-mails are a MUST for every retailer.

The Big Holidays promotions (Xmas, Mohter’s Day, Black Friday, Easter).

Nike promotional e-mail focuses on ONE Product ONLY.

And there is a SHOP button below.

3. OPTIMISING E-mail Invoices.

The average email receives an open rate between 15-25%, with a click-through rate of just 2.5%.

E-mail receipts have an open rate of around 70%.

So Nike has Top Picks section with New Models to choose from in the bottom of your receipt e-mail.

4. OMNICHANNEL Marketing.

If you were browsing a Nike app & looking for your order..

You will get an e-mail with the headline: ‘Looking for your order?’

It is a reminder when does your order arrive & etc.

And in the bottom You have TOP Picks for you section with clothing.

5. BACK IN STOCK E-mails?

You know when you are looking for a pair of trainers, and they just don’t have it in Your Size?

Usually they tell you that they will notify you once they are back in Stock.

Unless you bought another pair you will be happy to receive those e-mails.

All of the ABOVE sound really SIMPLE.

The Key to Success with e-mail marketing is being CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT.

To me a clever thing was ADDING product picks in an Invoice E-mail because it’s open rate is 3 times higher then usual.

It’s just another way to UPSELL or CROSS-SELL after the initial Sale.

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