One of My Clients told me ‘I need help in closing leads’. The leads that I get on FB aren’t converting. Normally, If 4 people came in for a consultation I would get 3 of them to become my clients (500 euro value), but I can’t even get them to come in for a FREE consultation. They schedule an appointment but they cancel later giving me some stupid excuse. I need to become better at closing people. My client was convinced that he is not good in sales. He was frustrated. As A Small business owner he was nearly 40% cheaper then his BIG brand competitors.

But something felt ‘really off’ here. From my own experience I know that any Small business owner who ran his business for a while is usually phenomenal in sales one on one. I didn’t believe that it was his fault. He outsourced ‘an agency’ to get him Leads on Facebook. But when he got those leads he was struggling to convert them into appointments. Naturally if there is no appointments there is no sales.

There are so many people out there that will get you leads, but are they going to convert into customers if you can’t even get them to come in for an initial appointment? So what is the problem? Why is that happening? Let’s take a look at the actual different steps of a lead generation process:

Usually, the problem is NOT that you can’t close. The problem is the initial stages of getting a lead, and the information and a message given to a prospect. Meaning you are getting unqualified leads. You can’t have a 30 min conversation to ‘an agency’ and then expect them to bring you 100’s of leads to you. A very in depth understanding of what is going on in your prospects head is needed. And more importantly a very deep understanding of your product and service. You can’t expect somebody to click on your Ad and then handle you 500 euros in the next meeting. Well, you can but they need to show up at the appointment. If that was easy everybody would do that. I really liked Kyle Cease analogy of getting laid in this matter. You don’t walk up to somebody at the bar and say ‘do you want have sex with me?’ Usually there are 12 steps before that: a conversation, smile, date, dinner, drinks, kissing and etc. So why do you expect somebody to click on an ad and then give you 500 euros?

First of all, you need to map out the journey / the process of your buyer. Meaning, understand what is going on at each stage when somebody is looking/considering to buy a product. For Example, If you need a chair you go on amazon, or google and click on ads and you might end up buying it straight away because you know you want it and you been looking for it. But Facebook and Instagram is a totally different story. Meaning, People are not looking to buy anything, they are just scrolling down, killing the time because they are bored. Unless you are selling something for 20 euros with a creative ad, it might be an impulse buy. But if you are selling something that is a high end product, you need to warm up that lead. So first you need ‘to nurture them’. It is a process. Your Ad got them interested enough to click on it. But what is Next? Now when you understand what is going on, go and do an outline ‘what do my prospects need to know before they come in for an appointment?, what would make them interested to come in?’ And then see if that matches with the Ads content you have been running. Your Leads don’t need ‘to suck’. And they can convert into sales. You just need to target the right people and have the actual sales process ‘mapped out’

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